Art Photography  By Dheeraj Prakash:-
Digital photography has now found its way into more than half of the homes in America. However most people still order out to get their images printed. Maybe it is not the corner film kiosk of the old days but there is still a very strong market for image printing. Nowadays you can take your images to Costco, the nearby photo store where they might have a digital printing kiosk in the store, or you can upload them to the various internet sites devoted to printing your images such as Shutterfly, Ofoto, and Snapfish to name a few.
Nice Photographs of my Friend Circle:-
Damn!! The flash refused to go off when I pressed the shutter release!! Here I was, lying less than three yards from the feet of the biggest tusker I’d seen in all my wild life pursuits, manually focusing in the starlight on his occasionally glinting tusk and now the flash was acting up! I was hoping the small ditch between me and the giant would keep him from squashing me into a permanent fixture on mother Earth, just long enough for me to get a few shots. It was an awesome specter. His tusks were definitely longer than I was. They were almost like those seen in history books on mammoths, shaped like huge bows made of ivory. I snapped myself out of this awestricken trance and put my mind back to the problem at hand. Got it! I pulled the flash off the camera body, shifted the camera exposure dial to “B”, put the flash on the test mode and then hoped for the best.As he tore down a tree right before my eyes, I waited patiently for his tusk to shine once again in the starlight so I could refocus the camera.

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There it was!! I think I got it focused. How I wished it hadn’t been a moonless night but the starlight was quite bright too. Since I couldn’t cross my fingers, with the camera in one hand and the flash in the other, I just hoped for the best and pressed the shutter release. I heard the familiar click, keeping the button pressed to keep the shutter open, I triggered off the flash test switch. It worked!! Yes!! This was followed by a few moments of absolutely undiluted tension spent trying to gauge the reaction of the elephant to the flash. He had paused in his demolition of the tree for a few seconds. I remember wishing I could stop my heartbeat, which sounded too loud for comfort! Then he resumed his meal. I heaved a sigh of relief and took a few more shots before my friend, waiting behind a bush thirty yards away, drove some sense into my head. I lay there and just stared a while at this awesome creature and it’s raw display of power, then reluctantly crawled away before it pulled me off the ground and wrapped me around whatever was left of the tree.
Nutty but still keep your wits around you to work your way around problems and get yourself out of dangerous situations which could turn ugly very suddenly. I have been charged and chased by elephants on fourteen different occasions, thrice by tigers and once even had the pleasure of sitting on an elephant charging a tiger. If these things aren’t for you, don’t even think of getting into wildlife photography.

It all began with the general liking for the outdoors, which came naturally because of the regular transfers of my father who was with the Indian Air Force. Air Force stations are mostly located amidst very nice and open surroundings, which along with the adventure stories of writers like Enid Blyton instill a very strong and deep rooted liking for the outdoors and it’s inhabitants right from childhood. This feeling has to be a natural part of you by the time you plan to take on wildlife photography as a profession. To be able to stand out in this line, it has to come from the heart. With the kind of equipment available these days, it isn’t a very difficult feat to take high quality photographs. High quality in technical aspects, but what really would make you stand out is a special communication between you and your subject. To be able to understand the expressions of a wild animal is possible only when it comes from within. Everyone can press that shutter release button but it’s the timing, which will separate the great shots from the ones people keep in their memory albums. There are two aspects to wildlife photography. Getting into it as an amateur or as a professional. More often than not it is the former that transforms into the latter. That isn’t such a bad thing either because getting into the line for a hobby will help you realise whether you actually have the liking and more importantly the potential for it. It is better not to fool yourself from the outset. There are many things we love with a passion but that does not necessarily make us exceptional at it. If that was the case, I would be driving circles around Michael Schumacher. So give it a shot and if you still feel this is the line for you, congratulations!! You’ve made it to one of the most emotionally, mentally and, at times, monetarily satisfying professions anyone can get into.

You must understand another thing very clearly right from the beginning. The monetarily satisfying aspect does not really come to the fore until you make a name for yourself. The lucky few get the break while they are still amateurs, the rest like me, just take the plunge! As an amateur, you can carry on with your job or whatever it is you do for a living but I feel that in this line of photography, as a professional you have to give it one hundred percent. If you plan to do it alongside some other profession, unless it is a related field, you’ll end up not doing justice to either. It’s alright if your goals are moderate but if you set standards for yourself that touch the sky, go for it 100%. If you feel that strongly for something, nothing can stop you from making it big. I’m not just talking big, I gave up a managerial post with a reputed MNC for this passion. I still don’t know what life holds in store for me. Does anyone?! A lot of people thought I was crazy but then hey!! I think I did tell you that you have to be a little wild in the head to get into this line.Resouces By:


Cutes Pictures of Emma Watson

Pictures at an exhibition

exhibition space

Preparations for a photography exhibition

We’ve just spent a couple of weeks preparing prints for a new exhibition in Leicester, England.

Keith has collected together some of his observations and technical information on making the prints that are on display.

You can see versions of all of the photographs that were used at the RAC exhibition pages.

There are many more of Keiths Photos on display in the main Gallery on this site.


Preparing photos for an exhibition

The article here is not meant as a prescriptive guide to how -you- should go about your own workflow, more as an example of how Keith worked, and some of the choices he made.

Update 2009

I’ve just looked at this article again, and apart from updates to various software I’d still take a similar approach.

Improved RAW converters have improved the quality of my images, but I still use combinations of ACR, DxO 5 and Nik Sharpener 3 for a lot of work.


Photography Tutorial:
Making a black and white landscape print

From camera image to finished print

Keith has written up the process he went through to make a modest sized (A3+) Black and White print from a colour digital camera image.

The article covers the basic steps using Photoshop, with links to other related materials on our site.
Note – Long article with lots of pictures


The information here should be quite relevant whatever image processing software you use.

There is also a reduced size JPEG file of the original source image available, if you’d like to have a go at making your own version.

The final print – on my print viewing stand.

Picking an image for the print

Recently, I spent some time in Suffolk, on the UK east coast.

For a slightly different route home, I drove up the coast as far as Great Yarmouth, somewhere I remember visiting as a young child in the 60’s.

This time, with the advantage of my own car, I drove to the far north end of the beach, which as you’d expect in mid May, was still pretty empty. The weather was very changeable, and what looked like a big storm was heading my way from inland.

It was a huge sky…

I grabbed my camera (a 21MP Canon 1Ds Mk3) and put an EF 14mm 2.8L II lens on it – now this is very wide angle and takes a bit of care in use. Just for good measure, I also had an EF 24-70 2.8L in my coat pocket.

I had a few minutes before it was likely to start raining very heavily, and even with a decent coat, I have an aversion to getting wet… (I just don’t do outdoor stuff like camping/trekking either 😉

My approach to landscape photography is very much like a large scale version of street photography, it is often about capturing a moment, trying to produce a print that conveys some of my feelings for the location at that instant. As such, I rarely have a tripod with me and I trust to my instincts for a good photo (although practice helps 😉

The beach is mostly sandy, with some 2-300 metres of dunes behind it. The sea was quite calm for the North Sea, so composition wise, you have some quite strong lines to work with.

I’d chosen the 14mm lens to try and convey some of the immensity of the clouds.

Since I’m not hanging round too long, I’ve also set the camera to aperture priority mode, f/8 and focus at infinity. Since I’m planning to include some very brightly lit bits of cloud, I’ve also put in an exposure correction of about half a stop underexposure. I don’t want much of the clouds ‘burnt out’ even if it means that some of the images might be underexposed elsewhere.

Digital Photography

Articles about digital photography, processing and printing

We’ve many photography related articles on the site, and hope you find them of interest. Product reviews are listed on their own page.

New articles are summarised in the Northlight Blog

Keith is always happy to answer questions about anything on the site.

You can search the entire content of this site (many hundreds of pages) using the search box at the top of the page

WordPress 3.0 is the newest release of my favorite blogging software. The new release includes an all-new easy-to-use menu system, more options for theme customization, a lighter admin interface with more contextual help, and more.

Are you using an email list as part of your photography marketing? I wasn’t… until yesterday.

Although I’ve sent out a weekly email newsletter here from Social Photo Talk (to the several hundred of you that subscribe…thank you), I haven’t used one to market my photography services and products directly to clients. Yesterday I launched a rather aggressive newsletter project.

People often dread their email inbox in the morning. I’m doing what I hope is my small little bit towards improving that outlook (pun intended). I’m offering a daily (actually just weekdays) email with a photo and a few thoughts. I’m not planning to use it as a hard sell; my main goal is to simply keep my name and work in front of people. Between my existing image library and the new photos that I’m creating, one photo per day should be sustainable. The biggest challenge I foresee is taking a few minutes each day to jot down a few thoughts and assemble the newsletter.

I’m using MailChimp as my email service provider and so far it’s working great.

As I get more subscribers I’m curious to see how the whole thing works out. If you’d like to follow along with the experience, you can subscribe to my newsletter; I’ll probably also blog about it again here if I have something meaningful to share.

Do you send an email newsletter to your clients? Is it worthwhile? Are you willing to share what’s worked (or hasn’t)?

Resource by:

Weddings are always the most treasured moments in anyone’s life. It’s that one day which almost everyone wants to be perfect. A fairy tale wedding is what everyone hopes for and wants to capture every moment of it. Though there are video cameras to record it, photographs have their own charm. The right click at the right time is something every man and woman looks forward to. Photos are cherished forever and even years after the wedding is over, photo albums still have their importance in almost all family gatherings. And every bride and groom wants to look their best in their wedding day and also in the pictures. So it is important that you find expert photographers who can take flawless images and make your wedding photo album special. If you have been looking for something very good for your album you can always try Salt Lake wedding photography for some memorable picture stories of your wedding.

Wedding photography specialists

It is no doubt essential to find the right wedding photography specialists for your d-day. Because it is the one day that will not be repeated and you want every moment to be captured with perfection. The wedding day is not only special for you but for you parents, siblings, relatives and most importantly for your to be spouse. Both of you would like to talk about this day in terms of images later in life to your children or grand children. Salt Lake wedding photography would be your silent observing partner in all this and help you keep your memories safe.

Not Just Clicks

You need not be a celebrity to have a memorable wedding album. Salt Lake wedding photography can shape your picture story from day one. You can start with your hunt for the right bridal gown or suit, wedding rings and the perfect dresses for the bridesmaid and suits for the best man etc. you can put glimpses of your hair style and make and as you progress towards the church or marriage clerk. This is why doing a picture story on your wedding is a better idea. Salt Lake wedding photography provides you with the choice of creating your own story.

Perfect Wedding Photography Packages

To go for a wedding photography package that suits your needs and doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket is a challenge. You may find the right photographers but they are pretty expensive and you get lower budgets but not so good photography services. It is then that your wedding day is made special with Salt Lake wedding photography. Not only that you get fantastic photographs but you also get it in a pretty reasonable price that is too tempting. Its your wedding and your decisions to choose the moments so all you need to do is speak to Salt Lake wedding photography experts and pick a package that includes much of your precious moments. You can choose how may photo graphs you want, which are the occasions for which you want and what kind of an album you want to create. You can rest assured that you get the best deal for the value you pay.

Advantages of Salt Lake Wedding Photography
If you wonder why you need Salt Lake wedding photography then you would get numerous answers. They are professional photographers who provide contemporary wedding photography. It’s not just about clicking and capturing moments. It much more than that and you must find each photo to the perfection. Salt Lake wedding photography can give you both traditional and contemporary pictures depending on your choice. They exceed expectation and expertise in family moments.

Heres something you should never faith reviews digital camera – no confidence in press releases or commentaries directly from the maker or advertisement office that is connected directly with the producer of the digital camera. Why? Now that this digital camera reviews are never too honest, or only to promote the best points about their products. I mean, what you would expect, provided you have your own line of digital photographic cameras and rise sales, an overview of the Digital Media products. Of course, you wouldnt point ill or failure of your product in a digital photographic camera critiques, because that way you will never be able to draw on your sales. The press releases or reviews digital photographic camera producers are always half-truths. You do not have any experience with this? I mean, this is not just for the camera, remember that brush fan thing he bought on the Cyberspace said that it would have had a lot of work for the hair, but did not ultimately work for you after all the hair. Press releases, which means they are for people who buy the product or give a better name.

On more that one never quite honest electronic networks home shopping and promoting. As far as press releases, they are pretty much the same requires on their products. But anyway, you do not believe me astray, you can always find them and gives them to prove themselves that does not work. Indifferent of the time and effort that you have lost, you’ve determined to hear to a half-truth digital photographic camera review, that’s what you get.

Reviews of the best digital camera is found in specialty chemicals magazines (computer and trade magazines), special orders and unofficial techie websites with new digital camera. Why? Well, there! As these digital photographic camera reviews are always honest. These commentators and critics are not afraid to list both good and bad points of digital cameras. These digital photographic camera reviews usually points out the difference between the products, has published a number of producers, and how better or worse than before. These commentators and critics have also knowledge about their business, so it’s safe to say that they know what they are talking about when it comes to digital camera reviews. One more thing, above all, these commentaries are a true digital experience first hand with the product itself and not just an advertisement agent to forward to with some nice words to you and your portfolio to catch.

Another best resource for a digital photographic camera review is that you can write. And how can I? Of course, you have to buy their own digital camera, try and compare what you do with what he pretends to be done. (Make sure that the specifications, options and features you need to show that when searching for words such as weather, which means they are resistant to water-water splash. Do not just buy your camera wet raincoat, just to Read to prove to himself that what they say is not true). Then you can review your own digital camera or view, depending on how much you learned from your digital camera. Think you receive it, a contribution that direct experience with the product and is not just a wild guess.


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