Mallika Sherawat (Snakewoman) in Her Upcoming Movie “Hiss”

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Akki tell about something his own experiences

Mallika Sherawat is in news again for playing the role of Nagin – The Snake Woman. Hollywood director Jennifer Lynch, daughter of four time Oscar nominee and two times Cannes Film Festival winner, David Lynch, is all set to direct this Hollywood-Bollywood film. The english version of this film is titled as Hisss.

The film is called Naagin–The Snake Woman and brings back to life the ancient myth concerning the Nag-Naagin relationship.

Bollywood sexy siren Mallika Sherawat is playing the main lead role in Naagin. The film also stars Irrfan Khan(Mahesh Babu film Sainikudu Villian) in a role of a cop who has been given the task to pin down the Naagin and destroy her legendary powers.

Hollywoods special effects wizard Robert Kurtzman has been roped in to create some unbelievable graphics for the film. Ace Director of Photography, Madhu Ambat and Hollywood Sound Effects specialist Patrick Girardi are also a part of the project.

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Mallika Sherawat has been out of action from bollywood as she has been busy shooting for her upcoming movie Hiss, in which we will get to see her as a snakewoman who goes on a killing spree. Hiss is directed by Jennifer Lynch of Boxing Helena (1993) fame, which incidentally won her a Raspberry award for the worst director for the movie in 1994.
We bring you the exclusive pictures of Mallika sherawat as a Snakewoman. Mallika Sherawat’s look has been crafted quite painstakingly in Hisss. In the movie, Mallika Sherawat has to wear huge contact lenses that even cover the white of her eyes. Mallika Sherawat has to take out the lenses every few hours to let her eyes breathe. The elaborate nagin elaborate costume has to be kept on for 8-10 hours at a stretch, and she has to be carried around.
Hisss revolves around a vengeful nagin (Mallika Sherawat), who shape shifts into a gorgeous woman and goes to the city to hunt for her mate, who has been captured from the jungle by an American, George States. Hisss also stars Irfan Khan who plays a cop who has to track her down to stop the destruction she unleashes in the city.

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