A Great running starts for “Milenge Milenge”

Posted: July 15, 2010 in A Great running starts for "Milenge Milenge", Akki tell about something his own experiences

Their magic still hasn’t waned. Despite lying in cans for years, Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor’s movie Milenge Milenge is drawing footfalls to theatres.

Meanwhile, the successful run of I Hate Luv Storys at the box office continues. The movie was rock steady in its second weekend and grossed Rs 6 crore approx.

The first week collection of the movie was flattering, with around Rs 32 crore. The second weekend story goes like this: on Friday the movie did the business of Rs 1.30 crore; on Saturday the collections rose to Rs 2.05 crore, while on Sunday the movie stirred the BO with Rs 2.65 crore earning.

Shifting to the last Friday’s release Milenge Milenge which opened to 30-40% opening, the movie will make a good profit for its makers. The film has an investment of around Rs 15-16 crore and is likely to generate business of over Rs 21 crore which has less to do with its theatrical performance. The other release of the Friday was Red Alert – A War Within which has good star cast but the movie has a little chance to survive at the BO.

Till now the movie has grossed Rs 38 crore and as per trade reports is expected to collect Rs 45-46 crore with distributor share being around Rs 22 crore mark. That means it will profit all. The film’s overseas business is also reported to be good. Till now it has collected $1.60 million from the foreign market and remained a hot favourite in UAE and North America.

Priya’s (Kareena Kapoor) sole purpose in life is to meet the man of her dreams. She has three conditions, he shouldn’t smoke, he shouldn’t drink and he mustn’t lie. Of course, he could be a serial killer, a Russian spy or even a cross-dressing gay ballerina–it probably wouldn’t matter to our dizzy headed damsel.

Priya meets a tarot reader (Kirron Kher) (who looks suspiciously like Sunita Menon on whey protein). She predicts that Priya will find the love of her life on a

Bangkok beach on so and so date and so and so time. Not just that, she also predicts that her lover will be wearing rainbow colored clothes. Hmmmm….?!

As luck, fate, or maybe destiny would have it; Priya is suddenly selected to travel to Bangkok as part of a youth festival! (Yes, in spite of the extensive cinematic

journey that Ms Kapoor has made, she plays a college going ‘youth’ again).

So, Priya, with wind in her hair and too many ‘rom-com’ dvd’s in her head, arrives with crossed fingers at a Thailand beach that could be a little ahead of Madh island


Our hearts were racing fast to find out if ‘Sunita Menon on whey protein’ had made an accurate prediction. And the anticipation wasn’t in vain. Playing the guitar

tunefully and half submerged in water, is the man of Priya’s dreams. He is Immy (Shahid Kapoor, also playing a college going youth!). As luck, fate or maybe destiny would have it, Immy doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, and lo and behold—he doesn’t lie either.

As you watch an elated Priya talk marriage before they finish their first walk together, you feel a little sorry for her. Not just because she may require psychiatric help for buying into such crap and wanting to marry a perfect stranger…but also because you are privy to a little secret.

Immy is actually a drinker, a smoker, and brace yourself—he even LIES! Wearing a mini skirt and a tube-top (!!??!!) Immy had sneaked into a sleeping Priya’s room.

After falling in love with her while she was sleeping, he stole her diary and, as luck, fate, or maybe destiny would have it, he knew all her secrets.

When Priya finds her diary in Immy’s room, it slowly dawns on her that this is not the man from ‘Sunita Menon on whey protein’s prediction! She is heartbroken that she professed her undying love for him.Meanwhile, Immy has had a change of heart and is having his last drink & smoke. No, he is not going to end his life to escape the psycho chick, he has decided to be the man that Priya wants him to be, and will henceforth be a teetotaler.

Tough luck, because Immy’s party is busted by Priya, who has decided to leave him. If it is fated, destined or they are lucky, they will meet again. But how will he

find her? He asks, now heartbroken himself. Besides the youth festival that had all her details and her many friends that were still around, there would be no other

way to find her. Alas! He would lose her forever!

Destiny’s unwanted child–Priya , has a masterstroke of an idea. She writes Immy’s phone number on a 50-rupee note and buys a book on, no prizes for guessing this one,

‘Destiny’. She then writes her name and number in the book and decides to drop the book off at a random bookstore. If it is fated, destined or if they are lucky, the note or the book will reach them, and then she will know that they are meant to be.

Underlining this ‘serendipitous’ moment, we hear the horrific nasal cry of a tortured elephant. Or is it Himesh Reshmiya’s screeching voice for a background score. I

can’t tell for sure.

After another hour of 90’s choreography, jarring background music, silly gags and unflattering low angles shots of Kareena, the lovers have started to pine for each other. They are both getting married on, yes, you guessed it, the same day! Neither has found the book or the note.

Will fate, luck and maybe destiny bring the star-crossed lovers together? If you really care, go watch Satish Kaushik’s Milenge Milenge. Make sure you outsmart the cinemas by carrying a thermal blanket with you. In case you don’t want your brain and your limbs numbed.


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