Farah says Akshay perfect for Kat ?

Posted: May 22, 2010 in Akki tell about something his own experiences

Now the story can be told. You know about Farah Khan’s big entertainer Tees Maar Khan, for which the director-choreographer, breaking tradition, signed on Akshay Kumar over all-time favourite Shah Rukh Khan.

The dust over that dhamaka had not quite settled down when Farah took on Katrina Kaif to play the female lead opposite the Khiladi, thereby casting Bollywood’s most successful jodi together again and surprising the film industry immensely.

Farah has an explanation. She searched high and low among a hundred new faces hopeful of breaking into Bollywood to find a girl for Akshay. And she even considered all of Bollywood’s top rung actresses for the role, but came away dissatisfied. “You know, I had been telling people that I want a girl just like Katrina,” reveals Farah. “How silly of me! I then went on to sign Katrina herself.”

Katrina, who has done maximum number of films with Akshay, plays a wannabe item girl in TMK. Industry pundits whisper that Katrina’s determined to do serious films like Rajneeti in future because she wants to win the National Award. “That’s not true. I’m an actress and do what my director tells me to do. This role is something I’ve never done before. I’m excited about it and also to work with Farah,” says Katrina defensively.

As to why Akshay was chosen over SRK, Farah’s husband Shirish Kunder, who has written and produced the film along with Akshay’s production house, knew from the start that he wanted the Khiladi for his film. “I couldn’t think of anybody else to play this role and since I’d worked with Akshay in Jaaneman, I knew I had found my Tees Maar Khan,” says Shirish. Incidentally, this is Akshay’s first film with Farah. “Unless you consider the cameo I did for her in Om Shanti Om,” the actor prompts with a smile.

TMK is about a conman and, not strangely, Akshay slipped into the role easily. Among other sleight-of-the-hand comnan tricks, he knows how to remove the watch from somebody’s wrist without the person even realising what’s happening. “I did that once with Abbas-Mustan. I exchanged their watches and what followed was total chaos,” says Akshay proudly.

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