Akshay Kumar Demands Chopper | Shahrukh Breaks Farah Khan

Posted: May 22, 2010 in Akki tell about something his own experiences

The King Kumar or Khiladi Kumar who has been regularly giving flop movies such as Blue, Tasveer 8×10, Chandni Chowk To China, then too he have very high demands. His fee is concisely increasing with the tendency of giving flops. Anyways look at him in his upcoming movie Housefull with Lara Dutta, Deepika Padukone (Chandni Chowk to China) and Ritesh Deshmukh. Lara Dutta and Ritesh Deshmukh are being always present as a option with Multistarrer movies.

Farah Khan- Akshay Kumar Tees Maar Khan

Akshay Kumar who is currently busy with Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan which is to complete in 3-4 months and will be set to release in last quarter of this year. Being ignored by Shahrukh in a Party with Akon Farah Khan is already so sad then too Akshay is demanding many a stupid things for him to do movie. Akshay recently demanded a private chopper (Helicopter) for him, he said “ I will love to fly in air and attend and depart the set of movie Teesmaar Khan for a month with chopper.”

Remind you the total chopper will cost Rs 1 Lakh per trip, so Mr. Kumar will get a budget of 60 Lakhs and then draft it to Farah Khan making her to lose some money with her weight. Also The Shahrukh-Farah Chapter stated above is also growing interesting.

Most probably reason for that was this Movie Tees Maar Khan only; as earlier Farah had signed Shahrukh for this movie then as Shahrukh was busy in doing My Name is Khan and before that he was suffering from shoulder injury. So for no more delay option Farah Khan got tipped up with Akshay Kumar and ignores Shahrukh. It was now Time for Shahrukh Khan for to take revenge and thus when Akon (English Pop Star) came India Shahrukh arranged a party and invited almost every of his friends but didn’t call for Farah Khan.

Resource by: http://www.imagine18.com/akshay-kumar-demands-chopper-shahrukh-breaks-farah-khan/1793/21/


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