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Akshay KumarNikhil Advani’s team is having some trouble finding a boy to play the teenaged Akshay Kumar in his next film, Patiala House. They have now launched a nationwide hunt for a boy who will suit Akshay.

The film stars Akshay Kumar and Anushka Sharma as the leads. The team in charge of the auditions for the teenage Akshay were tired as none of the boys seemed to match him. They are relying on the contest to fetch them someone who will match Akshay’s height and body language and someone who is from a real background, so that he will be able to have some of Akshay’s qualities.

The contest will start from December 1 and the entries will be collected till December 15. The contest will be publicized in all leading newspapers across the country. Two news channels, one entertainment channel and a multiplex chain have tied up for the contest. Director Nikhil Advani will choose ten semi-finalists and Akshay Kumar will decide upon the winner.


Its one hell of big deal to keep one’s wife happy. And Akshay Kumar has become quite a pro at this.

A few days ago, we read that Akshay Kumar gifted his wife a lavish Bentley car worth 3 crore on her 35th birthday before he left for Hong Kong. And since he was absent on his wife’s birthday he made it up by taking the entire family to Goa.

He hosted a party for his wife, his mom-in-law Dimple Kapadia and his mom Aruna where he cooked them some sumptuous Gujarati delicacies.

It is known that Akshay was inspired by his role of a chef in the film Chandni Chowk to China. For those of you who forgot, Akshay Kumar is an excellent cook. He worked as a waiter in his early twenties in Bankok.

AKSAHY Loves  Very  Much  Of  His  Son   AARAV

And he invite WWE Super Star KANE for meet his Son AARAV . And KANE also want to be meet him . So he meet his at home of AKSHAY . His Son very happy meet his superstar KANE .


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