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Akshay With His Beautiful Wife

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Akshay KumarNikhil Advani’s team is having some trouble finding a boy to play the teenaged Akshay Kumar in his next film, Patiala House. They have now launched a nationwide hunt for a boy who will suit Akshay.

The film stars Akshay Kumar and Anushka Sharma as the leads. The team in charge of the auditions for the teenage Akshay were tired as none of the boys seemed to match him. They are relying on the contest to fetch them someone who will match Akshay’s height and body language and someone who is from a real background, so that he will be able to have some of Akshay’s qualities.

The contest will start from December 1 and the entries will be collected till December 15. The contest will be publicized in all leading newspapers across the country. Two news channels, one entertainment channel and a multiplex chain have tied up for the contest. Director Nikhil Advani will choose ten semi-finalists and Akshay Kumar will decide upon the winner.


Its one hell of big deal to keep one’s wife happy. And Akshay Kumar has become quite a pro at this.

A few days ago, we read that Akshay Kumar gifted his wife a lavish Bentley car worth 3 crore on her 35th birthday before he left for Hong Kong. And since he was absent on his wife’s birthday he made it up by taking the entire family to Goa.

He hosted a party for his wife, his mom-in-law Dimple Kapadia and his mom Aruna where he cooked them some sumptuous Gujarati delicacies.

It is known that Akshay was inspired by his role of a chef in the film Chandni Chowk to China. For those of you who forgot, Akshay Kumar is an excellent cook. He worked as a waiter in his early twenties in Bankok.

AKSAHY Loves  Very  Much  Of  His  Son   AARAV

And he invite WWE Super Star KANE for meet his Son AARAV . And KANE also want to be meet him . So he meet his at home of AKSHAY . His Son very happy meet his superstar KANE .


Let’s start from the beginning of a great Star. Akshay Kumar Started his acting career with some good movies like Khiladi, Deedar and Sainik etc. his initial success in Bollywood overshadowed

every star of early 90s. We have seen Amit ji meeting a complete failure after their last hit Hum and Akshay become the love of every heart. His stylish haircut or I can say his long hair gives an impression that he is young and energetic, but decency has nothing to do with Youthfulness. He keeps on giving flops but the low budget producer never though for a second that he is flopped they pat his back and keep him on doing such films.

Yeh Dillagi role was a bit mature but in that he was elder brother of Saif Ali Khan so how can a you give a hit if there is no support, means Saif acclaimed the fact that his first hit is Hum Tum so before that what was he doing here give the benefit of doubt to Akshay that he acted well but Saif spoils the image of movie, movie of Yash Raj Films Banner. Main Khiladi Tu Anadi & later Tu Chor Main Sipahi. The producers of both the movies thought that Akshay Saif Ki Jodi is Jodi no 1. But not fruitful enough but for low budget movies they receive the return by promoting two super star in the movie.


After his films like Nazar Ke Samne I was sure that people will never want him to comeback but fortunately his happy go nature in Suhaag gives a re-boost to his career but then comes the great Pandov, and it became the biggest flop of all times. Akshay was Black Belt Master he never lost heart and with his superior Martial Arts skills in Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi he becomes the Champ of Khiladi series. Oh! No I missed Sub Se Bada Khiladi. The greatest super star of all times Mumta Kulkarni starer this movie was another support Akshay’s career. I don’t know which film comes first but I have seen Sub Se Bada Khiladi first so I place it first.

Now you will be able to judge his image in mind of producers and directors and specially Yash Chopra ji, that in 1997 Dil To Pagal Hai released but not in a single promo he was shown or promoted(due to his fame). I was surprised when I have seen his in the movie and I said oh surprise gift from Yash ji. If you think he has a guest appearance you are wrong. The title song was picturized on him and Madhuri ji.


Now with above discussion you came to know that Akshay was in hot waters but the time changed when Mahesh Bhatt signed him in Angaray with Pooja Bhatt. I guess Mahesh ji wanted to drop both people’s career and that’s why he has made that film.

Again a flop leads to a success and Sangharsh came in the field. That was I say turning point of the career by Akshay Kumar. Though the movie was not a great hit but Akshay new decent look and his nice Dress up in the movie with splendid acting take him to the good books of directors Like Suneel Darshan and Dharmesh Darshan. Immediately Darshan bros signed him for their all coming movies and they tried to fit every role with Akshay. Janwar was the first one which clicked and some great music by Anand Millind (their last hit) also supported the movie. Finally Akshay’s life as film star changed.

Dhadkan was the next average hit movie Dharmesh Darshan planned his next with Akshay again and started working on Haan Maine Bhi pyar kiya in between Suneel Darshan gives his Ek Rishta the bond of love and proves Akshay as good boy of Indian films the total family subject also make him heart winner of many people who like Family movies. Hera Pheri was another special moment in Akshay’s life and truly speaking his acting in the film stole my heart.


Ajnabee was another hit by Abbas Mustan and with presence of Bobby Deol his appreciation was shared.  Andaaz given a full support to his career two new heroines Lara Dutta and Priyanka Chopra were good marketing support along with the great music in the movie. The movie was hit for the producers. Strengthening his position Akshay done another splendid performance in Khakee. In presence of all super stars Akshay proved his work as the best.
Mujhse Shaadi karo and Aitraaz two different moods released last year and another feather to his nest. He was a supporting actor in MSK and gives his best in David Dhawan movie. Abbas Mustan’s right decision to put him in Aitraaz and he has given another remarkable performance in the film.

His, this year’s release Waqt is a Hit and Bewafaa is flop but not unnoticed. Waqt was a great father-son relationship movie and Amit ji and Akshay Jodi again proved right man at right time at right place. Bewafaa although flopped but its music will be remembered for years by the people.


Akshay started his career with an image of fighter. He could get the Hall of fame but remain in notice of people. I think after his marriage with Twinkle Khanna his life has changed and he became decent actor. Now he is not my hot favorite but I don’t dislike him like I was when he was in start. My final word is that he is Good Actor.
All songs of Akshay Kumar.

View Welcome Movie Stills
View Welcome Movie Stills

Did it ever occur to you to become a sportsman?
To be very frank, not really. I grew up in a large family in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk and though I excelled in sports in school, I always wanted to be an actor. I am lucky to have been able to convert some of my dreams to reality. It was difficult. After doing my stint in Bangkok, I did several things before getting a break as a model. My first film SAUGANDH (1991) failed miserably. But I did not have to wait very long because the very next year, KHILADI was a big hit and set the chain of Khiladi films one after another.

Akshay do a best romentic and hot songs with Rekha in KHILADION KA KHILADI.

It’s a best experince of Akshay Kumar.  He says its a big opportunity of him.

Your portfolio is spilling over with some exciting films lined up this year.
I recently completed a grueling schedule with Saif Ali Khan for Yashraj Films’ TASHAN. We then flew away to the Australian Gold Coast to shoot for Vipul Shah’s home production SINGH IS KING being directed by Anees Bazmee. This month, we are about to begin the shoot for MADE IN CHINA. Then there is Sajid Nadiadwala’s KAMBAKHT ISHQ, Nagesh Kukunoor’s EIGHT BY TEN, Feroz Nadiadwala’s INTERNATIONAL HERA PHERI with Priyadarshan, one David Dhawan film and one more Yashraj film directed by Shaad Ali.

They say you have been insisting on casting Katrina Kaif with every film. Is this true?
This is news to me. I am more amused than angry. How then do you explain the fact that almost all my under-production films do not feature Katrina at all? I am working with different actresses in these films. So, how these rumours have got to you God alone knows. Just because we happened to act together in several films and all of them were hits, does not mean that I will become insecure about acting with other actresses.

When and how do you ever relax if at all you do?
I love spending time with my family. Twinkle and I have a very good comfort level as she has worked in the industry as well. So we understand each other well. I began to understand what fatherhood is all about only after Aarav was born. I also work out in my Parkour gym. That gives me the time and space to introspect, reflect on how it is going, what needs to be done and what needs to be changed. I keep out of discussions that debate on whether I am counted with other superstars and all that stuff. It takes you away from focusing on more necessary things like finding out ways that will not bore my audience.


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Today the world is moving at a very fast pace and people often run out of time. Everyone likes to go to a theatre or may be catch up a movie at a friend’s place but most of the times people are so busy that they do not get the adequate amount of leisure time they deserve. Here the internet has played a pioneering role, with the provision of services like movie downloads the people are provided a channel where they can get access to their favorite movies and they can pass time in the best possible manner they like.

With the increasing response to such a medium the movie makers have taken up to this task pretty seriously as well. Today most of the movies may be regional, Hollywood, documentary, animated etc, everything is available online via movie downloads.

Of course, it is not always practical or desirable to go out and watch a movie at a cinema of movie theatre. This is where new technology comes in! It is now possible to watch a movie at virtually any time you want to, and through a variety of mediums.

Over the last few years many new movie downloading sites have sprung up. This means that whenever you want to watch a film, you can no do so. The sites operate in different ways. Some require you to pay just a one off payment for the movie that you are going to download. Others will want you to pay a monthly subscription, or in some cases a yearly subscription. This will usually work out to be the most cost effective option if you enjoy watching movies and intend to download lots of them from the Internet site.

The movies are often categorized, so that it is easy to find just the right movie for your mood. Categories might include such things as romance, action, thriller or animated, or they may be categorized in a different way, for example, by title. But whatever you taste in movies, you can be sure of finding one that suits your mood, for a very reasonable cost. Once the movie is downloaded, it is often possible to copy it onto CD so that you can watch it at other times.

Akshay Kumar is at the top and no questions asked. He has reportedly signed a three-film contract with a company for the heart-stopping figure of Rs. 41 crores. His looks are smashing, heatile to slip into action, suspense, comedy, drama, thrills, the works like no actor among his peers can. And that is a fact. But what clinches his stakes in this competitive market is the economic viability of his films. He has been delivering thumping hits without a break with producers and financiers laughing all the way to the bank. In this rat-race where no one spares even Shahrukh Khan for a flop, Akshay Kumar has performed a hat-trick of hits in a continuous series – NAMASTEY LONDON, HEYY BABYY and BHOOL BHULAIYAN. His film WELCOME has just released and is still counting the gate money… Shoma A Chatterji pins him down for a conversation.

One of the best interviews of the superstar we have read in ages. Akshay Kumar gets candid in this mid-day interview and talks about the success of Kambakht Ishq, on his movie beating Veer Zaara’s record in Pakistan, the critics who trashed the film (yeah, including us), his near death experience with Sharks while shooting for Blue, on his decision to work again with Nikhil Advani who directed Chandni Chowk to China, on why he doesn’t like late-night parties, in two or three years.. Shocking? Read on..

– The impressive opening of Kambakht Ishq and its collections at the box-office must have pleased you.
Akshay Kumar : I am very happy with the results. Nowadays, if the beginning is good, everything is good. And we’ve come with 2030 screenings, which is huge. Someone was just telling me that it has beaten all records in Pakistan and it has already made over Rs 50 lakhs there. Until now, the biggest hit across the border was Veer Zara but Kambhakkt Ishq has already surpassed that. The film’s success reassured our faith in it.

– The critics trashed KI.
Akshay Kumar : Yes, the critics panned it. Sometimes I understand it.

– Were you expecting it?
Akshay Kumar : Yes, I was. Because it is not a critic-friendly film. Like critics all over the world gave The Transporter a one-star rating but they made 350 million dollars in the first week. Some films are critic-proof. They do good business despite what the reviews say. That’s because such films always have an audience. Whether it is good or bad, it’s the kind of film people want to go and watch.

– The Transporter is an action film your forte. Why aren’t you doing those kind of films?
Akshay Kumar : I am not moving away from action. I did it in Chandi Chowk To China. I did kung-fu and everything that was needed.

Three things people don’t know about Akshay?

He is very prospective, astute (Akshay says, what did you say… he is very cute!) and also he will know everything and

he will never talk about it.

Three movies of hers (with other actresses) that you have liked?
I have only seen films he has done with me. (Akshay says, “I have done some 120 movies, shame on you!”) She whispers to Akki asking for help and they break into an act of charades — Akshay enacts the titles of his films and she answers mostly all correct) Okay, I liked him in Dhadkan, Jaanwar and Sangharsh.

Three reasons why Priyadarshan rocks!
He is technically brilliant, he is very intelligent and also extremely time efficient.

Three reasons why people should watch De Dana Dan?
It has a brilliant and very successful team of Akshay, Paresh Rawal, Sunil Shetty and Priyan. Secondly, it has brilliant songs and three, this movie will have my first song in a sari in the rains with Akshay; if they decide to keep it that is.

Three reasons why the Akki-Kat pair rocks?
We have a good understanding, we give each other space when we are shooting together and I think we look very good on screen.

Three actresses you would like to see her work with, other than yourself?
I think he has done movies with everyone! Kareena Kapoor, Kajol…. (Akshay says, ‘I have a question for both of you all, one actress I haven’t worked with till now and I have done some 120 movies?)

MiD DAY: Rani Mukerji.
“Wow Akshay, you haven’t worked with her… then she has to be on this list. Akshay and Rani will be unbelievably brilliant together.

Jodi jammers
Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (flopped)
Namastey London (was a hit)
Welcome ( hit)
Singh Is Kinng (hit)
Blue (average)